Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Limitless Love!

Card from my dad to my mom (thought it was funny)
Although I should have written this yesterday, it's better late than never. Recently I was on a retreat with our high school Sunday School class and one of the servants read a passage from the book "In Thy Presence" by Father Lev Gillet. I had read this book back in my first or second year of high school and I remembered it to be in all sense of the word, awesome.

For those of you who don't know much about the book it is written as if God is speaking to the reader as His [God's] loved. In the book God at times is portrayed as "the Lord Love." Being that this retreat was just a week ago and that Valentine's Day was just yesterday,  I decided to read a part that I have engraved in me to this day. It was not me being a hopeless romantic and feeling unloved that led me to pick it up but it was a way, I felt, to actually celebrate a day of love!

The chapter is titled "Thou Art Loved" and I just wanted to share some things that I liked and hopefully you will enjoy as well. Father Lev Gillet says that these three words (Thou art loved) are enough for us to cross through the threshold of the mystery of the burning bush and to inflamed by the love of God. That by Jesus' coming we no longer have to stand far away and marvel at the mystery but we have become the mystery.

The author likens Love to be a movement. God's movement from heaven and coming to Earth was not simply done to be know or even imitated by us. But, it was done in order to unite with us and to have a love that is incorruptible and limitless something that we can't get from flowers and chocolates.

Sometimes we bank on the fact that we will have someone to love us and that at all times no matter what happens they will but we forget that we are humans and have a flawed for all things and that is love that we are seeking?

Jesus in the Gospel of John says, (John 8:19) "If you knew me, you would know my Father also."
Only if we knew Jesus, we would know the Lord Love! We would get a glimpse of this indivisible Love where there isn't more love today then tomorrow or yesterday that is without measure. That is beyond feeling and can't be described. That this mystery is just not a word that we say and is not an adjective we use to describe the things we do in our churches, but it becomes us. We become the living testimony to this mystery and basically by default are going to get involved in this love!

This is why I feel that there is nowadays, a lot of suicide, depression and unhappiness because as humans we are looking to be loved and unfortunately at times we are looking in the wrong places. We look to money to fill a void or another person when first we should look for Jesus and not only will He fill you when you need Him but be there at all times. This love and value only comes from one place and that is the love that Jesus gave us not only in His death but in His birth and in His resurrection.

For those who have tasted this then maybe you agree but for those who have no idea what that means hopefully its an encouragement to find it and have hope because 'Thou Art Loved'!

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