Wednesday, February 15, 2012

First things first...

I guess to start this blog off I want to say and stress that I am by no means at all a "writer" that is not my goal in starting this blog. I am just a person who would like to share some of the things that God has been putting on my heart.
I feel a blog should be a place where the blogger (in this case, me) gains and learns something first but I may find something useful for you, too. This is just a means to an awesome end which is in Christ. A way to share with you how I am becoming a new creation day by day (but I won't be blogging everyday)and a way to bring Christ right to your computers wherever you are sitting in the world . To share the ways that God not only loves those who love Him but for Him to show how much He loves all of us.
This blog is not meant for a certain group of people but for all and we will dabble in just about everything. 
That is my only prayer with this blog. Not persuade anyone or sell anyone on anything it's just a value that we've all learned since we were kids. That is to share what we have received and this gift that I and you all can receive can't be contained (Hebrew 12:29).

Hopefully we can grow together. Stay tuned more to come. :)

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  1. So excited for your blog, man. Keep it, rolling!